Best Shower Filter Consumer Reports – Ratings & Reports 2022

Best Shower Filter Consumer Reports: Most people like to drink and cook with clean water, and they employ various filters to achieve this goal. However, only a small percentage of individuals are aware that the hard water they use to shower contains dangerous chemicals like chlorine and other contaminants that can affect their hair and skin. To destroy germs and viruses, chlorine is added to the pool and the water supply.

A shower filter is the greatest way to avoid hazardous substances that might hurt your skin, hair, and household appliances. The shower water filter not only minimizes hazardous contaminants but also maintains steady water pressure so you never have to worry about running out of hot water.

Best Shower Filter Consumer Reports

Best Shower Filter Consumer Reports

1. Aquasana AQ-4100 Best Shower Filter Consumer Reports

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Aquasana AQ-4100 is one of the best shower filters that you will find in the market. Aquasana AQ-4100 infuses high-quality minerals into the water to prevent your skin, hair, and nail from damaging.

Comes with a Multi-Stage filter to reduce dry Itchy Skin, dandruff, and eczema, reduce odors, and balance out the ph level.

Its advanced multi-stage also re-reduces chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dirt, and odors, and can eliminate harmful chemicals for a long time. The remarkable thing about this filter is that the minerals infused in water can restore the damage done to your hair, nails, and skin.

2. RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO Shower Filter Consumer Reports

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Now we are talking about a universal shower filter that is capable to soften hard water. It’s a number 1 seller product in the showerhead filters category. We are introducing you to the best shower water filter by AquaBliss. You can call it a shower water softener for its ability to soften water.

AquaBliss shower filter features a 3-stage filtration system which are KDF-55, active carbon, and calcium sulfate. It also removes harmful contaminants and prevents bacterial growth in shower water. The KDF-55 and active carbon filter remove chlorine and dirt from shower water and prevent scale build-up on skin and hair. The scale build-up can cause dry, itchy skin, eczema, and many other skin problems. AquaBliss shower filter will protect you from these diseases by removing harmful contaminants.

3. WaterScience CLEO SFM-519 Multiflow Shower Consumer Reports

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Our next pick is perfect for an energizing bathing experience.

Let me introduce the Pure Action Filtered Shower Head that you can easily fit above the showerhead, and it will remove 90% of the toxins from shower water, and you can enjoy clean and fresh water. This Pure Action Filtered Shower provides you with a smooth water flow even when water pressure in your home is shallow. With this Pure Action Filtered Shower, you will get two major advantages; high water pressure and low consumption of Water.

This is because you can adjust Water’s pressure into three different settings: powerhead, rain, and massage.

Best Shower Filter Features

Shower filters are available that target various pollutants. Some filters are more powerful than others, and some are better suited to plumbing systems.

Filter for Showerhead

Showerhead filters include a built-in filtration mechanism and are designed to look like regular showerheads. Filtration components are included in the removable models. This sort of filter has a disadvantage in that it provides less filtration than other types of filters. This filter’s most notable characteristic is that it imparts a lovely aroma to the water.

Shower Filter (Inline)

Shower filters that attach directly to the pipe behind the showerhead are known as inline filters. The filtration in this filter is multi-layer or multi-stage. Inline shower filters can remove calcium sulfite, vitamin C, ceramic balls, and silver from your showering water, as well as bacteria, DBPs, and other dangerous substances. Inline shower filters are little barrels that are simple to replace and keep clean.

Filters for inline showers and showerheads

For increased filtering power, use both the showerhead filter and the inline shower filter. The water will initially flow through an inline filter, which will remove the majority of contaminants, before passing through the showerhead’s built-in filter, which will remove any remaining pollutants. The filter’s lifetime is increased as a result of this adjustment.

Carbon Filters with Multiple Levels

This filter removes sediments, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, lead, fluoride, and chlorine from water using multi-layer carbons. Each layer of this multi-layer of carbon targets and removes a distinct pollutant. Other filters are more expensive than this one.

Filters with KDF

The acronym KDF stands for (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion). Copper-zinc is used to remove metals, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide from water through a redox chemical process. This filter can change the chemical makeup of dangerous pollutants by transferring electrons from them. KDF Filters are more costly than other types of filters.

Filters for Vitamin C

Chlorine in the water is neutralized by vitamin C. Vitamin C filters have vitamin C pellets inside the handle or cartridge to remove chlorine from the water, making it ideal for showering and laundry. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten shower filters for removing hazardous impurities and protecting your hair and skin.

Consumer Reports Best Shower Filter Buying Guide

As a necessity, a shower filter provides clean water for bathing and protects your skin, hair, and nails. Purchasing the best shower filter might be difficult for individuals who are unfamiliar with the variables to consider when purchasing a shower filter. We’ll go through each of these characteristics one by one in this post. Consumer reports on shower head filters. Look for a good iron filter for well water.

The number of filters that were used

The number of filters is the first and most significant factor. Some manufacturers include extra filters with your shower equipment. These extra filters reduce the amount of money you’ll have to spend on a new filter. Purchase a shower unit with additional filters to ensure that you have filtered or clean water for an extended period of time.


Another crucial element is the filter’s longevity, as filter cartridges do not endure indefinitely. After some time, it will need to be replaced. Filter cartridges typically last 6 months, after which time they must be replaced or they will stop working correctly. The filter’s lifespan is determined by how much water is consumed. The filter’s lifetime is reduced as you drink more water.


You should purchase a shower filter made of long-lasting materials. Metal and plastic are the most common materials used in shower filters. Shower filters are made of a low-cost plastic substance; however, these filters might leak or shatter. While shower filters made of metal are more expensive, they are more durable and leak-proof.


Another key factor to consider is the price; after conducting an extensive study, we discovered that high-priced shower filters are superior devices that can effectively remove impurities. However, a lower-cost shower filter may be less durable and may not remove some dangerous elements from the water, which can affect your hair, skin, and nails.


What is the best way to install a shower head water filter?

  • Using pliers, separate your shower head from your shower arm. To prevent leaks, wrap plumber’s tape over the shower pipe’s edge. Place the filter on the shower pipe and rotate it until it’s snug but not too tight. To eliminate carbon dust from your filter, flush it. Then turn on your hot water and flush once more. Install your shower head and check for leaks; if there are any, use Teflon tape to seal the leak.

Does a shower head water filter work in the same way as a water softener?

  • In the process of ion exchange, water softeners remove only calcium and magnesium ions from water, replacing these minerals with sodium. The showerhead filters, on the other hand, are constructed with additional filter media to eliminate impurities such as heavy metals and chlorine. As a result, we can’t state that the shower head water filter acts as a softener.

Consumer Reports recommends the best shower filter. We came to the conclusion that the Aqua Bliss and Aqua Homegroup shower filter is the best option. The AB-SF100 shower filter includes all of the factors to consider when selecting the best shower filter. As a result, we propose the AB-SF100. Look into: Wate for the Entire House

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