Best 10 Budget Laptops for Video Editing 2022 [Review & Comparison]

Budget Laptops for Video Editing: People use laptops on a different basis which is based on their requirements. When we look into laptops for the purpose of editing videos the features and the applications will be different. Some of the laptops are specially designed for editing videos so that YouTubers, vloggers, and film editors can get a better experience. So Choosing the right product with the best equipment also matters in the performance of your work. Based on the technology you are using your project work will be determined.

If you choose the best editing laptop then the time you spent on editing images and graphics will be decreased. And the thing is choosing the best laptop for video editing is also a difficult job. Because you also have to look at the processor speed and the best amount of RAM. So that they will be capable of editing the videos of large files.

Budget Laptops for Video Editing

For laptops, video editing is the most penalizing task so we can imagine how hard a task it will be for a laptop. So for an easy search for the best laptop for editing videos here is the list to make it easy. Editing videos on the laptop should have some of the basic requirements. So before going to the list of best laptops for video editing let us look into the requirements.

Best 10 Budget Laptops for Video Editing 2022

1. Lenovo Ideapad L340

Lenovo L340 Gaming Laptop Initial Review / Unboxing - Budget Laptop With Nvidia GTX Graphics! - YouTube

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Lenovo IdeaPad L340 is a sleek and lightweight laptop that is well-known and highly recommended as the best budget-friendly laptop for video editing. Well, it can The thin design and advanced specifications will blow your mind. All of these things arrive at a very reasonable price. Sounds good right?

Lenovo IdeaPad L340 provides a thin design with the latest features. Both of these things lack another expensive laptop.

If you are looking for the best laptop under 700 to run some famous video editing software such as After Effects, then Lenovo IdeaPad L340 is highly recommended for you. As this device ranks top among the best laptops for After Effects.

2. New Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Air MGND3HN/A M1 Laptop at best price in Bengaluru

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Only pride would keep this machine off this list, even though it costs slightly more than 1 Lak. For what it’s worth, it stands in this list as a symbolic representation of budget video editing laptops since it costs much less than its earlier models. If you are lusting after the Macbook Pro, but can’t quite budget it, this is a very good second option.

Performance-wise, it delivers just okay, which is a bit steep for its price. After all, we expect nothing less from Apple. It is a Y-Series Intel Core i5-8210Y CPU blessed with just 8GB of RAM, and while this looks very unimpressive in the written script, Apple rigged the processor to have short bursts of pleasing performance at lightning-fast speeds that peak at 3.6Ghz.

3. Acer Aspire 5

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Acer Aspire 5 is a winner when it comes to a budget priced workhorse. The latest version of the laptop comes with Intel Core i5 10th Gen CPU that packs enough punch for CPU-intensive tasks like video editing.

While the build quality of the device is decent, the 15.6″ display offers good picture quality. It also features a fingerprint scanner on the touchpad and a backlit keyboard.

For storage, there is 8GB of RAM that is expandable and 256GB of SSD storage. It also offers plenty of I/O options, including a USB Type-C 3.1 port and WiFi 6.

4. Lenovo Legion 5

Legion 5 Pro Gen 7 (16, AMD) | AMD Ryzen™ powered gaming laptop | Lenovo India

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Honestly, for a video editor, the price tag seems a bit underwhelming considering studio-grade inclinations. However, if you still want to get the best bang for the buck without cutting a lot of corners, the new Lenovo Legion 5 is the perfect laptop to invest in.

For the given price range, the AMD Ryzen 7 4800H CPU is a virtual steal. At par with the 9th gen Intel Core i7 processors, the existing mobile SoC boasts exceptional single and multithreaded performances. At 4.2GHz, the boosted clock speed, along with the octa-core architecture, allows you to work with almost every video editing software solution in the market, including Filmora, Premiere Pro, Pinnacle Studio, and more.

5. ASUS VivoBook 15

Asus Vivobook 15 K513EQ - External Reviews

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The ASUS F512JA-AS34 VivoBook 15 is a heaven-sent laptop if you have been looking for great power at low prices on a laptop. While you are likely to find certified refurbished models of the laptop, you can rest assured that very few laptops will have specifications close to the Vivobook 15 and at the same price.

The Asus Vivo book 15 runs on the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i3-1005G1 CPU. The CPU can be boosted up to 3.4 GHz. It also comes with a 4M cache which makes it perfect for creative tasks such as video editing. The Vivobook 15 also features an Ergolift design for an improved typing position

Requirements for a Laptop for Video Editing

  • For editing videos, You need a powerful and good laptop at first.
  • The laptop should have the best software for editing so that you can able to process high-resolution files of videos.
  • The processor of your laptop should be faster.
  • The laptop you are using should be ideal for four cores or more.
  • And at last, the laptop should have a good amount of SSD, RAM, and a power full graphics card.

How to Select the Best Laptops for Video Editing

These are some of the requirements for the laptop to edit videos. Now let us look into the features we have to look to choose the best laptop. If you are leading in video editing then you have to spend some more money on the laptop. And for normal users who can have a basic laptop without any difficulty, you have to set some light effects and video adjustments, but it takes some more time.

So assuming your specifications you have to choose the best laptop. Most people face problems when choosing a laptop with less storage. For high quality video editing, the major part is a disk. Then you have to Look into significant video in HD quality. So for that quality videos, it takes some more space in stacking them. And also there are some problems with editing high quality videos, high-quality graphics, and high speed processors.

  • Powerful Processor

If you choose a laptop with a powerful processor then the effort you will spend in editing videos will be wasted. Because the processor inside the laptop will support advanced graphic cards, software editing, and some other editing essentials. Some of the software of hard-core video editing like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, and final cut will consume multiple cores of the processor and also they require hyper threading. So you have to choose a laptop which supports hyper threading with a multiple-core processor.

If you bother by the money then you can choose a laptop which is having an AMD processor. AMD is not as powerful as intel but it will be worth your money. It’s better to choose the laptops with Intel I7 so that you can improve your skills, and also you can switch to the robust processor. So that it will be best for tremendous 4k video editing.

  • Top class Graphic card

Based on the power it consumes we have to choose a powerful graphic card so that it will be able to process the information quickly with some high quality pixels. For basic video editing, the new generation processors’ inbuilt graphic card is quite enough. For large video editing, it should have some dedicated hardware to accelerate the efficient use of graphic cards. So it will be helpful if you have Grade A on your laptop for ultimate results.

  • Heavy storage

Because you have to save a number of videos it consumes more space. So for that, you need a few gigabytes to run the laptop. And also you can return the video file to the external SSD. And then you can choose the low-cost hard drive. If you want high performance then you have to choose the SSD for the best performance.

  • RAM

While editing videos If you don’t want to shut down the laptop in the middle of editing then you have to buy a laptop with a good amount of RAM. For heavy usage, you have to choose the RAM with a good amount. And for full HD video like 1920×1080, having 8GB to 12GB ram is quite enough. And for advanced video editing, you need to increase your RAM capacity or you can upgrade your laptop.

  • Resolution

The display is one of the features you have to choose for a video editing laptop. For editing video, you need a proper and accurate display Colour with good resolution. For 4k video editing, it should have a 4k screen laptop. And 4k editing in a normal 1080p screen will not be comfortable for editing. Because for 4k editing, it needs 3840×2160p but it has only 1920×1080p.  So choose the right display while choosing the laptop for video editing.

These are some features you have to look for in editing videos. And also you have to look into the connectivity while choosing the laptop.


How to Optimize the laptop for video editing?

  • By improving ventilation
    By performing software optimization
    By doing hardware upgrades
What laptop specs are ideal for video editing?

  • There are many factors that you should take into account while choosing the ideal laptop for video editing. For instance, it should be 8 or 32 GB RAM, A multi-core Intel i5 or i9 processor, storage of 256 GB Hard Drive, SSD is preferred, etc.
What are the best laptops for video editing?

  • Dell XPS 15
    HP Spectre x360 15
    Acer Predator Hellos 300
    Surface Book 2
Are laptops good enough for video editing?

  • Yes, if a laptop has good specifications then it can be used as a great device for video editing.
What are some good cheap laptops for Video Editing?

  • Some of the best video editing laptops on a cheap budget are listed below:
    ASUS X555QA Laptop
    Dell Inspiron 15.6”
    ASUS Chromebook Flip C302
Can we use gaming laptops for video editing?

  • Yes, there are many people who use their gaming laptops for their video editing work. Gaming laptops are equipped with Good RAM and Storage. Thus they can easily run video editing software.
Is Core i5 good for video editing?

  • Yes, for basic video editing tasks you can use Core i5. But i7 is a better choice.
Is 8GB RAM enough for video editing?

  • If you want to do HD video editing at 720 or 1080p files then 8GB RAM is enough for you.

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